We all know that makeup can make our eyes look bigger, but what exactly does it do? Fortunately for you, I’m here to explain how to do it! You’ll learn everything from how to choose the right eye shadow palette and what kinds of looks are best so that your new eyes will stick out even more.

make eyes look bigger

Start with a clean face.

It is the most important step to do before starting your eye makeup. 

  • Use a gentle cleanser and cotton pads to remove makeup.
  • Follow with toner, which helps remove any remaining residue from the cleanser or powder you used earlier in your routine.
  • You can use any moisturizer and apply it all over the face including your eyelids. Because it will help you to put on makeup smoothly. 

Use concealer to make eyes look bigger 

Using concealer can help you make your eyes look bigger

Let’s discuss why you should use concealer to make your eyes look bigger. 

  • Use concealer to cover dark circles and bags under the eyes. Dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, which can force fluid into the area below your eye socket (known as the subcutaneous tissue). This fluid then pools in these areas, making them appear darker than they are.

Choose the right eye shadow palette.

make eyes look bigger

The first step when picking out eye shadow is to choose a palette with a range of colors. 

You want to make sure that you have at least one light color and one dark color, but also be sure not to overdo it.

 If you choose too many different shades and end up looking like an alien, then your eyes will look horrible instead of beautiful and round. 

The second thing that should help create the illusion of bigger eyes is choosing colors that complement your skin tone. 

For example, if someone has fair skin with pink undertones in their cheeks then they might want to stick with nudes or browns while others may prefer pinks or blues which would work well as accentuating shades on top of more neutral bases such as these from Paula Dorf’s Palette Collection which come in both cream/powder formulas so they’re easy-to-use options whether they’re traveling abroad or just sitting around watching television at home! This can help to make eyes look bigger.

Apply eye shadow in the right way.

make eyes look bigger

Applying eye shadow in the right way is one of the most important steps to making your eyes look bigger.

  •  Spread eye shadow in a clockwise direction, beginning at the lateral edge and progressing toward the outer corners of the eyes. Use a light shade to highlight, and a darker shade to contour.
  • After applying eye shadow, apply concealer under any blemishes or puffiness on both sides of your nose (at least 5 minutes after applying concealer) if you have them; this will help smooth out any imperfections that might be visible when looking up close at yourself in mirrors or photos taken by friends!

Use eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger 

You can also use eyeliner to accentuate the shape of your eyes, or even make them look bigger. With eyeliner, you may highlight your eyes without giving them an overly styled or heavy appearance.

Eyeliners come in all different shades, but most people like black because it’s easier for people to spot when you’re wearing makeup than other colors (like red).

 If you don’t have time for another step before applying mascara, try using an eyeliner pencil first

it’ll give you more control over where you place it on the lash line than if there wasn’t any extra product on top of what would’ve been applied by hand alone! These are some makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger.

make eyes look bigger

Avoid certain looks.

Here’s a list of looks that can make your eyes look smaller: Avoid these things to make eyes look bigger.

Heavy eyeliner and dark shadow. 

The use of heavy eyeliner and dark shadows can make your eyes look smaller. So, avoid it. 

 If you have naturally small eyes, avoid heavy eyeliner and dark shadows on your lids—it will only draw attention to their size and make them seem even smaller than they already are. Instead, stick with lighter shades in both areas for a more flattering effect!

Too much mascara on top of lashes.

Avoid using too much mascara at once—if there’s too much product on each lash then it can make those little panda-like things appear bigger than they are…and who wants THAT? 

White eyeliner can be your best friend.

Use white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger 

make eyes look bigger
Image source – godfatherstyle.com

One of the best ways to make your eyes look bigger is to use white eyeliner. White eyeliners can be used in several different ways on your lids, and they’re especially effective when applied along the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone.

To create this effect:

  • Apply a thin line of cream or liquid eyeliner at the inner corner of one eye (or both). 
  • Use a tiny brush or q-tip for precise application. This will help draw attention away from that area where you’d normally have shadows (or nothing at all) when wearing no makeup at all! 

It’s also good if you want something subtle; just make sure not to go overboard by making it too thick or thick enough!

  • Next highlight those areas where shadows are often seen in pictures taken without makeup—the middle part between lashes and inner corners—with another thin brush made specifically for highlighting purposes only! 

This step helps define what would otherwise be perceived as “space” in photos which wouldn’t exist if people only wore their natural color tones every day.”

Use false lashes

False lashes are a must for any beauty routine. They can help make your eyes bigger, make you look younger, and even give you a glamorous look on the red carpet.

Just like nail extensions, false lashes add beauty to your eyes. 

Here’s how:

You can make your eyes look bigger using makeup, but also need to pay attention to what you’re NOT doing!

  • Don’t use too much makeup.
  • Don’t use too much color.
  • Don’t use too many different colors in your makeup routine, or you’ll look like a clown (unless you’re using one of those crazy eyeshadow palettes).
  • Keep it simple and minimalistic when it comes to eye makeup, especially if you’re trying to create an attractive look for yourself! 
  • You don’t need anything more than mascara and eyeliner—and maybe some brow shaping powder if your hair isn’t thick enough already—to give yourself that extra bit of oomph in terms of volume!


So there you have it! Makeup can help you add a pop of color to your eyes, and how to make your eyes look bigger. Remember not to be afraid of experimenting with different looks and styles on yourself or others!